Fatherhood redefined

to create a more equitable society

Learning and resources

Learn from real dads and experts to practically support you through each phase of fatherhood

Dad community

Engage with a community of dads and journey with them through fatherhood

Corporate engagements

Invite our team to speak on all things fatherhood, parenthood and balancing work + life

Values-based fatherhood

The nature of fatherhood is changing. The pandemic triggered a new era of fathers looking for ways to spend more time caring for their children, while maintaining successful and rewarding careers.

We support dads in discovering their vision for fatherhood and make life-changing decisions to enable them to become the dad they want to be.


Learning from others

Whatever phase of fatherhood you are up to - expecting your first child, adjusting to life with a newborn or even juggling everyday with teenage children, other dads  have experienced this phase of life before you.

Encounter the unique experiences  from dads and invaluable insights from industry experts to help you navigate the challenges ahead in your own fatherhood journey. 

Equip yourself to become the best Person, Partner, Parent and Provider you can be.

Harnessing the diversity of fatherhood

No father or their family is exactly the same. Dads with partners, single dads, older dads, younger dads, expecting dads, LGBTI+ dads, dads with children with a disability, working dads, caring dads, dads of all ethnic backgrounds... the list goes on.

We embrace the full diversity of modern fatherhood to help you overcome the gendered norms and expectations of previous generations and be empowered to discover the dad you want and need to be for your family.